Effects of Cell Phone Usage

Sara Hagenbucher

English I -4

February 10,2015

Effects of Cell Phone Usage


Ding! Ding! A text from Damon came through on Katherine’s phone while she was driving down highway 80. Cell phone can be a distraction in our everyday life. People’s lives are affected by cell phones because they cause distraction causing danger and because they provide help in emergencies.

Cell phones affect lives every day due to texting and driving. For example, Newsdaily.com states that “Researchers at Cohen children’s medical center in new Hyde park  estimate more than 3000 annual teen deaths nation wide from texting and driving, 300,000 with injuries.” Even if the text may be short, harm to others and yourself can still occur. In addition, Newsdaily.com also stated “Dr.Andrew Adesman and a team of Cohen investigators found that while driving between September 2010 and December 2011 among 8,947 teenagers aged 15-18

nationwide, an estimated 49% of boys admitted to texting while driving compared to a 45% of girls.” In this way boys are more likely to text and drive than girls. Texting and driving doesn’t just hurt the person in the car, it also hurts their family.

If a friend falls and breaks an arm or a leg and you don’t have a cell phone, how will anyone know that you need help or that something has happened? That is why it is always important to have a cell phone. What would happen if a family member or friend falls and is bleeding out? A cell phone would be handy to call 911, and help would be sent. In addition , cell phones were invented to provide a way of communication so help can be delivered in a time or need.Therefore, cell phones have both positive and negative effects on our daily lives. People’s lives are affected by cell phones because they are a distraction causing danger and provide help in emergencies.


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