Sour Patch Kid Poem

Sara Hagenbucher

English I-4


You Might Think I’m Just a…

You might think I’m just

a fifteen-year-old girl

with dirty blonde hair

and blue eyes

But I know I am more

way more than that

Not a ball or roll of paper towels

not a backpack or a pair of shoes

A sour-patch  kid

at the beginning I’m a sour piece of candy

when I’m in a bad mood

or feel pressured

when my friends aren’t true

And everything is going wrong

I’m the first part of a sour-patch kid

Due to the sour taste

unhappy faces run all over me

waiting for me to become sweet

And when I am sweet

my sour vanishes

And the refreshing faces return

And throw toothy grins again

I become a sweet piece of candy

I’m kind and loving and sweet

constantly sweet

Until I’m  swallowed

then I become


and sweeter

and sweeter

The dirty blonde haired girl

with blue eyes is a

Sour-patch kid.

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